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OnSync 5.2.0 - Goodbye Flash Charts, Hello Fancy HTML5!

Justin Thomas
Sep 17, 2018 12:10:44 PM

OnSync release 5.2.0

OnSync 5.2.0, our latest release, brings a bundle of intuitive UI and design updates to make your session as clear and consistent as they can be. Highlighting "important notification" with distinct colors, and making avatars standout with personalization are amongst those changes. 

Focusing on individual components of our new system is our core agenda for the next few months - so expect robust updates to your video meeting tools!

Here's a look at some key updates:

1.) Account Center

+ Flash based usage-statistics charts page replaced with HTML/JS.

+ Affiliate users no long have access to telephony settings.

2.) In-Room 

+ More storage for your chat allowing for a longer chat history.

+ Export feature added to chat channel; download your chat history with ease.

+ Newly redesigned Q&A panel implemented.

+ New tabbed settings panel implemented.

Please do take a moment to view our New Releases page and learn about every feature and fix we've added to OnSync.

Thanks as always,

- The Digital Samba Team 

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