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OnSync 5.1.9 - New dial-in features and UI updates

Justin Thomas
Jul 27, 2018 10:02:19 AM

OnSync 5.1.9 dial-in user and UI updates

OnSync 5.1.9 brings long awaited upgrades to the way we deliver the dial-in portion of our system. Users can start enjoying their voip and phone meetings in full HTML5, as well as a great many new advanced UI features.

Here's a sampling of features that we didn't "phone in" for this release:

1.) Account Center

+ New layout and icons for both speakers and audience in the account center.

+ Ability to use the same room for each reoccurrence in recurring meetings.

+ Password strength indicator added to signup forms.

2.) In-Room

+ "Phone only" option added to HTML5 meetings.

+ PhoneSync users will be happy to find a few new changes to the control they have over their sessions.

+ Web users now able to control phone users.

+ Much more...

Please do take a moment to view our New Releases page and learn about the full scope of features we've added to enhance your dial-in meetings!

Thanks as always,

- The Digital Samba Team 

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